Friday, October 16, 2009

Listen 2009's been a week after Archiday..Alhamdullilah...the event runs smoothly and the feedbacks were not bad..haha..congcratulation to the crew, the LISTENER and Aki 47 !!! and we got another task to do..siapkan Final Project and 7 dulang hantaran bak kate lecturer..and the final exam is just around corner..very critical phase..huhu...well, I wish good luck to all my fwen and keep up the good work..May we get an excellent result for our exam..Insyaallah..wassalam

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

LISTEN (ARCHIDAY 2009)!!!!!!

Shhhh...Listen...haha....Archiday is just around the corner...2 days more for the big event...Aki 47 (part 3) are currently busy with the preparation..oh, i'll publish the official logo in the next post..don't worry..there are so many task to settle down..(tags, invitations, foods, performance...) don't give up Aki 47...we really can make it...the event that no one will forget about it....though we are the only small family in our department, but we still got some helpful hands from another batch..thanks to our beloved seniors and juniors...we will promise you a great event...InsyaAllah..and to our lecturers, we will try our best to settle down our 'hutang'...ehem..ehem..hehe..this week is the most packed week for us...Ape yang penting kerjasama..hehe..well, hopefully, this event will makes us more close to each other and purify our friendship..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Kembali Merindu....

Assalamualaikum....huhu...lame jari jemariku tak update blog kesayangan...well, because of few problems and things..but that it's, I'M BACK !!! haaha..em...kembali whom?I really missed that month...month that bring us back, to our Creator...Allah S.W.T....RAMADHAN...huhu...bulan yang aku sendiri rase tak banyak tekanan...rase tenang je..walaupun kite sume diduge tahap kesabaran masing2...Kita pun tak tahu mungkin Ramadhan tahun ni merupakan Ramadhan yang terakhir buat kita...well, only Allah S.W.T knows...aku hepi sangat sbb dapat buke dgn budak2 studio aku kat our humble studio..Yeah, humbleness is very important..hehe..Aidilfitri tahun ni pn bestla walaupun tak sme kemeriahannye macam time kite kcik2 dlu..dapat gather dgn family pn da ckup bagi aku..ziarah sedare mare tu memang da jdi kemestianla kan...takkan nak terperuk dlm umah je tgk tv...Raye ku thn ni jugak bergelumang dgn keje yang berlori-lori..siap mak aku join tengok aku wat mood box lagi..haha..well, support dari mak yg KEBERKATAN...kaf ba ra kaf alif ta nun...KEBERKATAN..hehe